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Premier League Football Tickets – The Details on How to Avail Them

Well, when it is about the rising popularity of English premier leagues, the first thing that a lot of friends and relatives ask is “can we have the Premier League football tickets?” Even after the evolution of the internet and online live streaming options, there are people who actually want to be a part of the crowd and enjoy the game that ends in ten minutes. Now, the question that arises here is, are the questions easy to avail? Can anyone get their hands on premier league football tickets? The answer is NO. Premier league football tickets are not easy to come from.  해외스포츠중계

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If you have got a favorite team, you will have the option of becoming a member of those teams’ fan club. These are called member clubs. Once you get the premier league football tickets , you will also have the option of becoming the member of the fan club. If you are looking to get premier league football tickets, it is expected to pay something around 40 to 60. For the championship matches, the pay is typically about 30 quid and in the lower league matches, the pay is assumed to be lower.

To get the premier league football tickets, there are some things that you need to know about. For instance how the clubs are going to allocate tickets. In most of the seasons, they start with the season ticket holders, and then come to the members and then the general public will have the shot. There are a lot of games that don’t even make it to the “general sale” stage. So, a lot of the purchasing process will depend on the club that you are dealing with. The teams will also have different tiers of games with different pricing and requirement. A lot of clubs will also have ticket exchanging options on their website.

Around The English Premier League – Round 2

Manchester City confirmed their good start with another victory, and keep a perfect record like the defending champions Manchester United that also won their second game of the season.

With the English Premier League leadership in game Manchester City travelled to the Reebook Stadium to face Bolton Wanderers for round 2 action. Both teams had started the 2011-12 season with the right foot, winning their respective season opener games by 4-0 to place themselves on top of the standings, giving their showdown a special appeal.

The Citizens were going to confirm their condition as one of the favorites to clinch title with a 3-2 on the road victory against the Trotters, guided by an outstanding David Silva, who was not only responsible for opening the score at minute 26, but also of elaborating the best plays of the game.

Prior to halftime, at minute 37 specifically, Gareth Barry got one more in for Manchester City, but two minutes later Ivan Klasnic scored the discount with which they went to the break.

At minute 47 Edin Dzeko scored the winning goal for the Citizens, who could have won the game 3-1 if Kevin Davies wouldn’t have scored the second goal for the hosts 16 minutes later for the final 3-2.

In one of the biggest rivalries in England, Liverpool upset Arsenal on the road by 2-0, thanks to two late goals from Aaron Ramsey at minute 78 (through a misfortunate own goal) and Luis Suarez on injury time. While Suarez has made the Reds forget about their former top scorer Fernando Torres (transferred to Chelsea on January), the Gunners haven’t found a substitute for their former captain and playmaker Cesc Fabregas (signed by Barcelona), which is evident in their game.

Speaking about Torres’ new team Chelsea, they won their first match of the season thanks to Florent Malouda’s goal with 7 minutes to go against West Bromwich, who had put themselves ahead in the score early in the first half through Shane Long.

8 minutes after the break the Blues got the equalizer with a lucky shot from Nicolas Anelka that was deflected by Jonas Olsson. And later on Malouda made the come-from-behind victory happen by connecting a cross ball from Jose Bosingwa.

Defending champions had a tough rival in Tottenham Hotspur, but were able to outplay them in the second half thanks to the treble scored by Danny Welbeck (61), Anderson (76) and Wayne Rooney (87).

Local young talent Welbeck stole the show by netting the first one and serving the second goal in a game that was starting to become frustrating for the Red Devils, who now share the top of the standings with their city rivals Manchester City.

Wolverhampton also has a perfect record this season thanks to their 2-0 victory over Fulham at home. Two late first half goals from Kevin Doyle and Matthew Jarvis gave the Wolves three more points, and now they occupy the third place in the standings with 6 points, same as the Citizens (+5) and Red Devils (+4), but with a goal difference of +3.

Sunderland AFC Looking to Consolidate Its Position in The English Premier League

The Sunderland Association Football Club has been playing in the premier league for a long time and has an impressive record of 6 title wins. But in recent times they have failed to perform consistently at the top league of the country. Their last title in the premier league came way back in 1936. The club, now 136 years old, needs some good fortunes if it has to perform the way it did in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Read more to find out more facts about Sunderland A. F. C. and their rich legacy in English football.

Sunderland A. F. C. has been around in the English football circle since a very long time. The club was founded in 1879 by James Allan who was a school master then and the club was named ‘Sunderland and District Teachers Association Football Club’ when founded. The 136 year old team nicknamed ‘the black cats’ have been carrying the Sunderland name with great pride an honor.

Sunderland in the Premier League:

Sunderland A. F. C. is currently playing in the Barclay’s English Premier League which is not only England’s top league but also one of the best leagues in the world. They have won the F A cup twice, winning their first one in 1937 against Preston North End by 3 – 1 and the second in 1973 against Leeds United by 1 – 0. They also have the remarkable record of winning the First Division title which is now the Premier League a staggering six times. They won the first two titles consecutively in the years 1892 and 1893 and then in 1895, 1902, 1913 and 1936. Only six teams have won more titles than Sunderland A. F. C. They did not lay at the top level for very long time but has been promoted only in 2007 for playing in the premier league. The Sunderland brand has been valued at 93 million U.S. Dollars in 2014 making tem the 31st most valuable club in the world

The club’s current home ground is called the ‘stadium of light’ with a capacity of 49,000. But RokerPark was the longest serving home stadium for the club serving ‘the black cats’ for a period of 99 years.

Sunderland A. F. C. is in dire needs of a good striker especially after their last game against Watford. They are said to be going after 21 year old French striker Sebastian Haller. The 6′ 2′ French striker has been very impressive in recent times and has an asking price of 6 million which the Sunderland officials are not very eager to spend. Meanwhile Norwich is also negotiating for Haller and the two clubs are locked in a battle to acquire the French striker.